May 2 – Valved brass, Cabaret! Folies Bergere


Leipzig‘s music journal Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung reports that German horn player Heinrich Stoelzel has invented valved brass instruments.
The valves allow hornists to play all the notes of the chromatic scale (like the trumpet) … instead of only notes in the instruments’ natural harmonic series (like the bugel). Making it possible for Wagner to go crazy.
Survival of the fittest 
In the 20th century Harry Partch would design acoustic instruments that could manage dozens of pitches in an octave. Beginning in the 1930s, the advent of electronic musical instruments brought microtonal music within reach of many performers.
Harmonic Strings 


1893 poster

Paris music hall Folies Bergere — still in business today — opens.
Shows might include fare such as operettas, comic opera, popular songs, gymnastics, acrobatics, pantomime, even animal acts. People who starred there include French singer, actor Maurice Chevalier and US-born singer, dancer Josephine Baker. Baker 
 Manet:Bar at the Folies-Bergere
20 years later another famous cabaret will open — the Moulin Rouge. The FB also inspires the US Ziegfeld Follies.
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