May 5 – Carnegie Hall, Alvin Lucier’s brain music


American industrialist, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie opens his ‘Music Hall’ in NYC.

The guest conductor for the opening? no less than Russian composer Tchaikovsky. In years to come, artists can brag “I played at Carnegie Hall!”

Notable Events ……….
• June 15, 1892• Sissieretta Jones becomes the first African-American to sing in the Hall.
• January 16, 1938• A sold-out swing and jazz concert includes The Benny Goodman Orchestra and Count Basie; it will be called “the single most important jazz or popular music concert in history.”
• May 6, 1955• A variety benefit concert includes Bill Haley and his Comets, the first rockers to play there.

The Carnegie family sells the hall in 1925; it’s sold to NYC in the 1960s.
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First performance of New Hampshire-born experimental music composer Alvin Lucier‘s Music for Solo Performer — for enormously amplified brainwaves and percussion. short of it  long of it 

It’s the first work to use brain waves to generate sound. EEG sensors detect alpha waves which are used to vibrate percussion instruments.

One of Lucier’s best-known works is I Am Sitting in a Room.

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