May 7 – Beethoven’s 9th, Matmos ‘Rose’


Du hast … keine verdammten käse?!

Premiere of Beethoven‘s great Symphony #9 (most famed for its ‘Ode to Joy‘) at the Theater am Karntnertor in Vienna, Austria. Barenboim, London, 2012

For years in the 1950s-60s, a Toscanini recording of the second movement was used as a theme song for the nightly Huntley-Brinkley Report US TV news show. Mvt2 (Gewandhaus) 

During Christmas 1989, Leonard Bernstein conducted a version of the 9th … with the word ‘Freiheit’ (‘Freedom’) replacing ‘Freude’ (‘Joy’) … to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall. Bernstein:Ode 

It may not at all be a coincidence that (it is said) on May 7, 1660, Isaack Fubine of The Hague patented macaroni. Luckily a camera was there .

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Birthday of Toledo, OH native Teresa Brewer (Theresa Veronica Breuer).In 1950 Brewer and the Dixieland All-Stars score a US#1 hit with single Music! Music! Music!

Put another nickel in
In the nickelodeon
All I want is lovin’ you
And music! music! music!I’d do anything for you
Anything you’d want me to
All I want is kissin’ you
And music! music! music!

The song was written by Stephen Weiss and Bernie Baum. Brewer, one of five kids of a glass-inspector father, never had any vocal lessons.

Teresa in 1938

What she HAD done was sing and dance on touring radio show Major Bowes Amateur Hour from age five to twelve (with her aunt).

MMM becomes her signature song. In 1953 she appears in 3-D feature film Those Redheads from Seattle. In her lifetime Brewer records over 600 songs, with numerous US top-40 hits in the 1950s. ( Fansite )

† The Dixieland All Stars: Jack Pleis, Ernie Casceres, Max Kaminsky, Cutty Cutshall, George Wettling, Ed Safranski and Danny Perri.