May 8 – Beatles ‘Let It Be’, Vorbis software


The Beatles release final, international top-5 album Let It Be, recorded in Jan. 1969.
With The Beatles’ break-up near at hand…the band unhappy with a Glyn Johns mix (original album title Get Back…held-back for the release of Abbey Road… it’s remixed by US producer Phil Spector.
The Johns mix had already been widely heard on a vinyl bootleg released the previous year. A film (not re-released since the 1980s) documents its painful creation. Rolling Stone ranks it #86 in its 2003 top-500 list.
A Nov. 17, 2003 re-release overseen by Paul McCartney (stripping overdubs and dialog) is titled Let It Be… Naked. All in all, definitely a Long and Winding Road .
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Release of the open source sound file format Vorbis.
Named after a Discworld character, usually found in an Ogg container, the compressed, non-proprietary format — a substitute for AAC, WMA & MP3(*), among others — is developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation(*) (also developer of Icecast streaming).
An official part of the OpenAL API library and Miles Sound System (MSS), it has been used in many popular computer games.
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