May 10 – Haley ‘Rocks the Clock’, Pet Shop Boys debut


Bill & Comets

The first rock and roll record to chart #1, (We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley & His Comets, is released.
As a B-side the song gets little attention — Decca (US) actually cluelessly labels the record as ‘foxtrot’ music — until the next year when it becomes part of 1955 film Blackboard Jungle. ▷Songfacts▹
The 1956 film, Rock Around the Clock results; it includes DJ Alan Freed, The Platters and more, is said to ‘incite rowdy behavior in theaters’, and is banned in some parts of the world. Trailer 
The ‘foxtrot’ sells 25 million records. 1974 TV sitcom Happy Days uses it for a theme for two years.
▷’Blackboard’ still rocks at 50▹ ▷Rockabilly Hall feature▹ ▷Rockin country style discog▹


Electronic dance duo Pet Shop Boys chart US#1, UK#1, CA#1 with their song West End Girls, first released in April, 1984.
After meeting in an electronics shop in 1981, they first call themselves ‘West End‘. Since then and 10 albums later, they’ve sold over 100 million records worldwide.