May 14 – Copland’s Lincoln Portrait, Louie, Louie


The world premiere of US composer Aaron Copland‘s Lincoln Portrait is given by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.
The unusual orchestral work includes narration with excerpts of Lincoln documents, and quotes folk music of the Civil War period. The work has become popular, with many performances in recent decades; celebrity narrators include US poet and 1940 Lincoln biographer Carl Sandburg, who won a 1960 Grammy Award for his narration.
w/Sandburg narration  ▷NPR’s LP page ▹


The Kingsmen in 1963

It’s been called the ‘number one garage band cover song.’ On this date the improbable, indecipherable song ‘Louie Louie‘ charts in the top-40 for the ninth and last time.
The cover is by The Sandpipers and reaches US#30. (Their big song that year was Cuban song Guantanamera (US#9,UK#7). )
The Kingsmen paid $36 to record their famous May, 1963 cover in Portland, Oregon; it climbed to US#2. (And was banned in Indiana!) ▷Songfacts ▹

Richard Berry

The song —  originally called ‘Tie up the crazy guy’ (in Cuban) — was written by Louisiana-born Richard Berry (ex-The Flairs) in 1955 (*) and released in April 1957 backed by the Pharoahs on Flip Records. Berry version 
Hundreds of cover versions are released in the 1980s; there’s ▷a whole CD ▹ of them.
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