May – More music history – Yardbirds, Nonesuch, Kraftwerk

This month’s odds & ends wrapup includes a link to an online book by and about Jac Holzman, founder of Elektra and Nonesuch Records.


Brit rockers and sound pioneers The Yardbirds release their first single, I Wish You Would.

The Billy Boy Arnold song is included in their first, August 1965, US-only comp album For Your Love, which climbs only to US#96 … a forecast of things to come, although they’ll release many top-40 singles.

They had been the house band of SW London blues club the Crawdaddy since Sep. 1963. Among bandmembers at the time: bassist Chris Dreja, vocalist Keith Relf and guitarist Eric Clapton. The song chases Clapton away (to John Mayall) to be replaced by Jeff Beck.

1965 2nd US album Having a Rave Up includes Graham Gouldman song Heart Full of Soul (UK#2, US#9). 1966 Yardbird single Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (the first to include guitarist Jimmy Page) is has been credited with bringing early funk to the mainstream.

Last album Little Games is released July 24, 1967; their last gig is on July 7, 1968, as they begin morphing to Led Zeppelin.

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Budget classical label Nonesuch Records (under director Teresa Sterne) releases Krause & Beaver‘s 2-LP/book set ‘The Nonesuch Guide to Electronic Music’ (HC-73018).

This is before Switched-On Bach hits big-time. Previously Krause & Beaver had been stumping the West Coast sellings synths for Bob Moog.
Sequential Voltage Sources  Krause remembers 
▷Allmusic:B&K▹ 1969 Ragnarok:As I Hear It 
Holzman book:Follow the Music

1964 startup Nonesuch had already released the first recordings of its Explorer series in 1967; it’s the first sizeable label to introduce world music to the popular marketplace.

It is also the first record company to commission an electronic piece: Morton Subotnick‘s important 1967 ‘Silver Apples of the Moon’ (H-71174).

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German electronic music band Kraftwerk releases eighth studio album Computer World.

I’m the operator with my pocket calculator
I am adding and subtracting
I’m controlling and composing
By pressing down a special key, it plays a little melody

Included are songs Computer Love, , and Pocket Calculator in which you may recognize the sound of the stylophone.
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