May 25 – Billy Murray birthday, Phoenix ‘Wolfgang’


Birthday of tenor, comedian Billy Murray, aka the ‘Denver Nightingale’, possibly the most popular US singer before the Depression. (*)

He makes hundreds of records for all the companies — most of them in the days of acoustic recording (before microphones). Among the best-known: The Yankee Doodle Boy (US#1 1905), In My Merry Oldsmobile (US#1 1905), The Grand Old Rag (US#1 1906), Casey Jones (US#3 1910), and Alexander’s Ragtime Band (US#2 1911). (*)

He makes dozens of hits singing with Ada Jones beginning in 1906, including Shine On, Harvest Moon in 1909.

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What can you say

French alt-rock group Phoenix releases 4th album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (US#37,AU#13) on the same date that The Mars Phoenix lander landed on Mars a year earlier. Cute?

Because of that, no doubt, the free-download single 1901 is used in the trailer for film New York, I Love You and was used as the theme for TV’s Melrose Place. (*).

Not surprisingly, soft landing (what’s the target of those bombs?) did not hurt their next, Apr. 22, 2013 album Bankrupt! (FR#3,US,CA#4). Score!! … although it’s utterly like most of the cotton-candy fluff of its era. Rock? Think so? I mean, just look at the art-work. Entertainment