May 30 – Roxy Music, Sun Ra


English art rock group Roxy Music, formed by Brian Ferry, plays its first major gig in support of its new, eponymous album.(UK#10)

Other members include multi-instrumentalist Andy Mackay, David O’List, former guitarist with The Nice, and Mackay friend and non-musician (but tape recorder owner) Brian Eno. Eno got better.

The band lasts 10 years; all 8 of it’s studio albums make the UK top-10.

Aug. 1972 sees the release of debut single Virginia Plain (UK#4) , written by frontman Bryan Ferry.

Roxy Music Story (58m) 

Perhaps it was only coincidence that fashionable nightclub The Roxy in London’s Covent Garden (its first show is on Dec. 14, 1976; it closes in April 1978) gave birth to London punk.


Sun Ra — jazz composer, bandleader, piano and synthesizer player, poet, philosopher and afrofuturist — makes his last flight to Saturn.

“The first thing to do
is to consider time
officially as ended.
We work on the other side
of time”

Herman Poole ‘Sonny’ Blount, born in Birmingham in 1914, legally changed his name to Le Sony’r Ra on October 20, 1952. He and business partner Alton Abraham formed El Saturn Records(*)(*) in 1955. Playing at Chicago’s Parkway Ballroom at that time, the band is billed as Sun Ra’s 8 Rays of Jazz.

Ra reminds us that strong originality and ceaseless exploration — like that of Frank Zappa — are hallmarks seldom recognized in time. A Joyful Noise (59m) 

(Drunk to Sun Ra): Hey baby, what’s happenin?
(Sun Ra): Everything’s happenin !

Space is the Place (89m)  ▷Sun Ra and the Chicago years 1946-1961 ▹ Mission Creep bio
▷Only Arkestra footage from 1950s ▹ (from Edward O. Bland’s 1958 Cry of Jazz)
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