May 31 – Boney M. , I Got Five On It

Euro disco band Boney M. releases single Daddy Cool.

After a TV appearance on Sep. 18, it quickly climbs to #1 across most of Europe. It’s from June debut album Take the Heat off Me(DE#2,SE#1). The album’s 3rd track, a cover of singer-songwriter Bobby Hebb‘s 1966 US#2 Sunny, is also a Euro top-5.

In 3 years the group (created by a German record producer) has 4 EU top-4 albums, an international #1 (except in the US) with a cover of Rivers of Babylon , a string of top-40s through 1981, and continues touring to this day.

 ( Boney site  ( Hebb site

Oakland West Coast hip hop duo Luniz release wistful single I Got 5 on It.

Sampled from (the widely-sampled) 1987 Club Nouveau single Why You Treat Me So Bad, its magic floats it to DE#2, UK#3, US#8, pushing their debut album Operation Stackola to platinum USR&B#1.

I got five on it,
grab your 40, let’s get keyed
I got five on it,
messin wit that Indo weed
I got five on it,
it’s got me stuck and not go back
I got five on it,
potna lets go half on a sack (*)

Alas, while Luniz’ second album Lunitik Muzik (released Nov. 11, 1997) makes the US top-40 (USR&B#8), their third album fails to chart and the ride’s over.

The 5 on It instrumentals are themselves widely-sampled in following years, for example in R. Kelly & Puff Daddy‘s 1999 hit Satisfy You (US,DE#2,NL#4).