June – More music history #1 – Silver Apples, Tangerine Dream


Psychedelic NYC electronic music duo Dan Taylor and Simeon Coxe (on his DIY synth called The Simeon), aka Silver Apples, release their eponymous

first album on Kapp Records (KS3562; featured single ‘Oscillations’) (US#193). (*) Oscillations .

They’re among the first artists to use electronic music techniques within a rock idiom… prefiguring prog. Their second, 1969 album Contact includes the song You and I . (*)
 1969 AD

In 1970 Kapp folds into MCA … and the Apples’ third album The Garden goes unreleased …

until German label TRC releases a bootleg of the first two albums in 1994 which gets intense interest. The duo reunites in ’96, and MCA releases ‘Garden’ (from the tape Taylor had kept in his attic) in 1998.

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German electronic music group Tangerine Dream, always led by Edgar Froese, releases first album Electronic Meditation. Album 

It’s recorded in a rented factory in Berlin using just a two-track Revox tape recorder. Beginning with Krautrock, the group moved on to New Age music. They’ve released over 100 albums, and made 60 film soundtracks.
Cyclone (1978) 

Three studio albums appear in 2011 called the ‘Eastgate’s Sonic Poems Series’ —  The Island of the Fay, The Angel of the West Window and Finnegan’s Wake, based on James Joyce’s book. FW Album 

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