June 11 – Paint It Black, Standells


Rolling Stones song ‘Paint It Black‘ climbs the charts to US#1; it also reaches UK#1.

It’s the lead track on US album Aftermath. In 2004 Rolling Stone magazine ranked it #174 of their 500 Greatest Songs; they rank the album at #108.


L.A. two-hit wonder band The Standells(*) score their biggest hit with Dirty Water (US#11).

The song is an unfriendly reference to a Boston river. The group is now known as ‘Godfathers of Punk Rock’.

Keyboard player Larry Tamblyn is the brother of actor, dancer Russ Tamblyn. Drummer Dick Dodd is a former Mouseketeer. Drummer Gary Leeds later joins The Walker Brothers. Drummer Dewey Martin later joins Buffalo Springfield.

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