June 12 – Sonny & Cher, Conlon Nancarrow, Blink-182


US pop music duo Sonny & Cher make their TV debut on Dick Clarke‘s American Bandstand.

I got yer back, babe, their biggest song, is a US#1 for 3 weeks. (UK#1). It’s written by Bono, at the time a record producer for Phil Spector. The song falls into the then-raging baroque pop category by dint of a background oboe figure. It’s covered scores of times on record and in film.

Cher, of course becomes a franchise all on her own. The duo — they released 8 albums together by 1974 — performs the song together for the last time on a Nov. 13, 1987 Letterman appearance.

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Six of 50 player piano studies handmade by US trumpeter, composer Conlon Nancarrow (*) are first heard at the downtown music festival New Music America in San Francisco. 1981 1977

Nancarrow had been in exile in Mexico since 1948 because of persecution for being a Communist and fighting in the Spanish Civil War (after which he was imprisoned for a time in the French Gurs internment camp). Eva Soltes got him a 5-year visa to make the concert possible.

Reportedly the piano studies required him to spend eight months of punching holes to produce five minutes of music.

In 1982 he’s a recipient of a MacArthur Fellows Program award. Trimpin visited him in 1989 and transcribed his endangered one-off scrolls to MIDI format for preservation.

Cali pop-punkers Blink-182 release album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket; it’s headed for US#1 album.

June 12