June 13 – Blumlein patents stereo, Alanis Morissette



Electronics engineer, inventor Alan Blumlein (*) gets a British patent (UK#394,325) for his work on ‘binaural sound’, which we now call ‘stereo’ recording and reproduction.

The ideas are demonstrated with films in 1935. Recordings he made in 1934 on disc and film have recently been restored.

Blumlein follows with work on early TV and radar; he piles up 128 patents in electronic and audio engineering. He dies aged 38 in a bomber crash in 1942 during a secret H2S radar test. His firm EMI fails to capitalize on his stereo patents before they expire!

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Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette releases third studio album Jagged Little Pill.

Her first hit album, the international top-10 sells over 33M worldwide and wins Grammies for Best Rock Album and Album of the Year . It includes her highest-charting single Ironic(CA#1,US#4).

The two following albums are similarly popular. She has won 12 Juno Awards and seven Grammy Awards. Her latest is 2012 8th studio album Havoc and Bright Lights.

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