June 14 – Gennett Records, Early stereo, Iron Butterfly, Hard Rock Cafe


The Paramount Records studio in Grafton, Wisconsin hadn’t been finished yet. So they sent ‘Father of the Blues’ Charley Patton to the small Quaker town of Richmond, Indiana, home of the Starr Piano factory.

On June 14, 1929 he carries his guitar into the Gennett Records studio for his first recording session, cutting 14 sides of blues and spirituals on 78 discs. Spoonful Blues 
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The stock market crashes in October. Blind Lemon Jefferson dies mysteriously in December. Gennett closes in 1930, Starr selling its Gennett and Champion trademarks to Decca. Paramount follows in 1932; it’s said most of its metal masters are sold for their scrap metal value. (*) Starr Piano is left making radio cabinets and refrigerators. But Old Man River just keeps on rollin along.
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English electronics engineer, inventor Alan Blumlein gets a patent (UK#394325) on his discovery of many aspects of binaural, stereophonic’ sound recording and reproduction (*) on disc and film.
The ideas are demonstrated with films in 1935. Blumlein dies in the crash of a secret radar-testing flight in 1942.  ( Website
In the US on March 12, 1932,

Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra begin experiments with physicist Harvey Fletcher at Bell Labs.
One result of the experiments is the earliest surviving stereophonic recording, of Scriabin‘s Poem of Fire (‘Poeme du feu’ Opus 60).   MP3: Le poème de feu 
Stokowski later encourages Walt Disney to have the three-channel Fantasound process developed for the 1940 animated film Fantasia.


US rock band Iron Butterfly releases In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, bound for US#4.
The first album to be awarded platinum status, it’s mainly known for its all-of-side-2 title track, which keeps it on the charts for 140 weeks … 81 of them in the top 10… and gives a lot of DJ’s a smoke break.
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The first Hard Rock Cafe opens in London near Hyde Park Corner.
The restaurant soon begins a collection of rock and roll memorabilia; in 1982 it begins expanding worldwide. There are currently over 170 Hard Rock Cafes in over 53 countries. (*)