June 19 – Wynonie Harris, Ben E. King, Hütter-EBM, Oingo Boingo


Wynonie Harris recording of Good Rockin’ Tonight makes USR&B #1.

It’s arguably the first Rock and Roll song.

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US soul singer Ben E. King‘s biggest hit song Stand by Me reaches US#4.

It was written by King, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller for The Drifters; they passed on it so he recorded it himself. It has been covered over 400 times; charting versions include those by Spyder Turner (1967), John Lennon (1975), Mickey Gilley (1980), and Maurice White (1985)

24 years after King’s hit, the single again makes the US top-10. The rare event is the result of Rob Reiner‘s very popular film Stand by Me#175, released on Aug. 8, 1986 along with a soundtrack album of classic 50s rock songs. ▷Film stars interview ▹


Ralf Hutter of German band Kraftwork describes the music they’re making as electronic body music.

We have invented some influence, where you can stimulate electronic sounds with the movements of your body, by moving up your arms and legs, and your whole body. We stimulate some electronic sounds, and when we will do performance we have some special kind of electronic ballet, which we are doing ourselves, where we create music through dancing.

The term has identified a combination of industrial music and electronic dance music. Bands sometimes identified with EBM include Front 242, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Nitzer Ebb, Front Line Assembly, and Nine Inch Nails.


Founded in 1972, performance art group The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo release debut album Only a Lad.

In 1982 founder Richard Elfman releases a musical comedy film about the band, Forbidden Zone, scored by his brother Danny Elfman. By 1994 they’ve released 8 albums and 6 compilations; none of them sell well or produce hit singles.

And yet, their tunes are added to the soundtracks of dozens of films. Their best-known song Weird Science was written for John Hughes1985 film of the same title. Danny, of course, has become one of Hollywood’s go-to soundtrack composers ever since.

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