June 25 – Global Beatles, Rush Angel, Who/Fooled, Placemats, Blade Runner


First live, global satellite telecast

On a TV production called Our World — with segments from around the world — the Beatles introduce All You Need Is Love (one of two 7/4 time-signature songs to reach the US top-20) to an audience in 26 countries estimated at 400 million. Beatles segment

Planned by the BBC, scenes are also broadcast from 14 countries, including a New Jersey media circus, an Alberta ranch, a Vancouver beach, the Tokyo subway and a Melbourne tram yard.
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Seattle singer Merrilee Rush along with the Turnabouts has a US#7 hit with the song Angel of the Morning (released on Bell Records). ( Website )

It was written by Chip Taylor, brother of actor Jon Voight. (He also wrote Troggs hit Wild Thing.) The Rush version was part of the soundtrack of film Girl, Interrupted, which stars Taylor’s niece Angelina Jolie.


1971 Brit rockers The Who release single Won’t Get Fooled Again. (UK#9, US#15) 1985 Live Aid

It’s the final track on August album Who’s Next. The long version includes a haunting electronic segment Pete Townshend made with a 1968 Lowrey Berkshire Deluxe TBO-1 organ fed into the LFO’d filter of a EMS VCS 3 mk1 synth.

Townshend on ‘that’ sound Electronic Music Studios

Release of Minneapolis, MN punk/alt rock pioneer band The Replacements debut album Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash.

There are no chart hits for the band for a few years, despite a move to the Sire label for Oct. 1985 fourth album Tim, Bastards of Young  but there are many ‘Placemats’ fans nonetheless. June, 1987 fifth album Pleased to Meet Me includes the song Alex Chilton with its memorable ‘anti-establishment’ video.

Finally in 1989 seventh studio album Don’t Tell a Soul produces the single I’ll Be You which makes #1 on US modern and mainstream rock charts.

Minneapolis label Twin/Tone Records continues through 1994, releasing punk and alt-rock albums by bands like The Jayhawks, Poster Children, Soul Asylum and PA-based Ween.

 ( Replacements database fansite  ( Twin/Tone site


Ridley Scott sci-fi film classic Blade Runner is released. IMDB #123

Based on a 1968 novel by little-known, recently expired author Philip K. Dick, with a title from William S. Burroughs, the noirish movie about a man who earns a living hunting renegade ‘replicants’ (a hoity-toity term for androids) gets little attention in theatres.

It accumulates an audience as time goes by, collecting a 1983 Hugo. A soundtrack synthesized by Vangelis doesn’t hurt.

Theme  Memories of Green  Love Theme 

If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes.

There are three ‘official’ sequel novels. The film’s story line shares similarities (and the Bradbury Building) with an episode of ABC’s Outer Limits based on Harlan Ellison story Demon With A Glass Hand and aired October 17, 1964. Ellison, however, sued the makers of The Terminator for plagiarism of ‘Demon’ as well as Soldier. ▷The script ▹

Other sci-fi movies based in Dick’s writing include 1990 Total Recall, 1995 Screamers, 2002 Minority Report, 2001 Impostor, 2003 Paycheck, 2006 A Scanner Darkly, 2007 Next, 2011 The Adjustment Bureau.

Other movies with Dick-like storylines: The Truman Show, Inception, Vanilla Sky, The Matrix.

As a writer, I’d sort of like to see some of my ideas, not just special effects of my ideas, used… and concepts that awaken the mind rather than the senses. ▷Hollywood and dark genius ▹

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