June 29 – First live concert recording, Gordon Lightfoot, Cyberpunk


Cylinder recording

The earliest known live concert recording is made on a paraffin cylinder. Drawing

It records a performance of Georg Friedrich Handel’s oratorio Israel in Egypt, sung by several thousand singers in The Crystal Palace Handel Festival. Illustration

(The first festival was held on May 26, 1784. The first at the Palace was in 1857 with tens of thousands attending. Thereafter it is repeated every three years from 1859-1926.)

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Canadian country and folk singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot has a US#1 single with Sundown.

Lightfoot also had US top-10 singles in 1971 with If You Could Read My Mind and in 1976 with The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Lightfoot’s craftsmanship and demeanor bring him a lifelong international audience.


Brit rocker Billy Idol releases electronic album Cyberpunk, recorded at home. Shock

Idol had three US top-20 albums in the 80s (for example the Generation X hit Dancing with Myself . This concept album, whipped out using a Macintosh computer running Studio Vision and Pro Tools software, stalls at US#48 (though it reaches UK#20).

The beginning of the cyberpunk sci-fi genre — and/or the cyberdelic subculture — is often tied to the publication of William Gibson novel Neuromancer in 1984. Among other music associated with cyberpunk: Vangelis‘ 1994 Blade Runner soundtrack, 2007 Nine Inch Nails album Year Zero, and the ongoing electro-industrial albums of Vancouver’s Front Line Assembly.

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