July – More music history#1 – Jarre, Cramps, Liberation, NWT, LFO, dubstep


International release of Jean Michel Jarre‘s (*) first electronic album Oxygene.

It’s recorded using ARP, Korg, Mellotron, RMI, Farfisa and Peter Zinovieff‘s EMS VCS 3 synths among others. It sells an impossible 15 million copies (reaching UK#2) and ignites much interest in synth-pop.
▷Deep space pioneers▹ (*)

Electronic Music Studios    OGG: Oxygene   ( Website  ~ Jarrography 


UK release on blue vinyl

Release of garage punk/psychobilly band The Cramps‘ debut multi-track Gravest Hits. Human Fly 

Lux, 1956

Produced by Alex Chilton, the EP is issued on newly-founded Miles Copeland III label I.R.S. Records.

Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, a cute couple from Ohio, head the band.
Naked Girl  Lux Interior tribute   ( Website



Moog Music releases the first commerically-produced keytar synth, the Moog Liberation. Jarre/Liberation 

It’s ‘essentially a Moog Concertmate MG-1 fitted with a neck and a strap.’ A 40-foot cable connects the keyboard to a rack unit.
▷Moog product timeline▹ (*)


Regularly taped punk/new wave show New Wave Theatre begins airing for 30 minutes at 10pm on Los Angeles KSCI (UHF 18), then Theta Cable channel 3.

Hosted by musician, composer Peter Ivers and produced by David Jove, it’s picked up by the fledgling USA Network the following year for its long-running Night Flight series. (*)

Ivers, best known for a song he wrote for David Lynch film Eraserhead, will be murdered in 1983. (*)


Varley, Bell

English electronic music act LFO has a UK#12 single with their first track LFO.

It’s the first top-20 for the new, and soon to be very important, Warp label, founded in Sheffield in 1989. The same month, Warp act Tricky Disco has a UK#14 single. Within 2 years Warp is shepherding albums by acts like Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Richie Hawtin.

 ( LFO site  ( Warp site LFO-Freak 

XLR8R magazine uses the word dubstep on the cover, nailing the name of an electronic music style evolving since 1998 and growing large.

With their picture on the cover, Horsepower Productions new album In Fine Style(*) on Tempa gets much attention. H.D.N. 

The May, 2007 The Wire issue #279 has an 8-page ‘dubstep primer’.

▷Straight Outta Croydon▹ ▷RYM:Dubstep primer▹ ▷Big Apple Records▹  ( Tempa site