July 6 – First ‘all-talkie’ film, Essex, Surfaris Wipeout, Fleetwood


Premiere of the first ‘all-talkie‘ film, Lights of New York.

Directed by Bryan Foy, the crime film is released by Warner Bros. With sound recorded on the Vitaphone sound-on-disc technology, the film cost only $23,000 and they make a million on it. At Dawning clip  1923 music clip 

The previous Oct. 6, the studio had released the first feature-length part-talkie The Jazz Singer, with 6 songs by Al Jolson.

It will follow LONY with part-talkie The Singing Fool on Aug. 28 — again starring Jolson, and with songs that come to be standards like There’s a Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder , I’m Sitting on Top of the World and US#1 tear-jerker Sonny Boy. It makes $4M, becoming the top-grossing film of 1928 … and by the end of 1929, all films will go talkie. ▷1928 NYT review ▹


US R&B quintet The Essex — all Marines (including lead-singer Anita Humes) — tops the US charts (UK#41) with their first recording for Roulette Records, Easier Said than Done.

They make 3 albums; one more top-20 hit, ‘A Walkin’ Miracle’, saves them from one-hit-wonderdom. ▷Songfacts ▹


Glendora, CA‘s barely-in-high-school rock group The Surfaris hit the US charts on their way to #2 with their hip surf music single Wipe Out.

Not only is it an ultra-rare one hit wonder instrumental: a 1966 re-release makes the top-20 again! Its drum solo is among the most famous.▷Songfacts ▹

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All Instrumental Top 20 Songs since 1960


From its international #1 eleventh studio album Rumours , British-American pop rock band Fleetwood Mac releases single Don’t Stop.

It’s message is well worth remembering in these times.

Why not think about times to come
And not about the things that you’ve done
If your life was bad to you
Just think what tomorrow will do

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here
It’ll be, better than before,
Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone

The single makes US#3, CA#1. It follows the band’s only US#1 single Dreams released Mar. 24. Dreams  The band has four more international top-20 albums ahead of it.

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