July 9 – Rock Around the Clock, Dick Clark, Tron


Bill Haley & His Comets single Rock Around The Clock climbs to US#1 after reaching a mass audience in film Blackboard Jungle.
Tin Pan Alley songwriter Max Freedman’s song is credited with starting the (mainstream) craze for rock’n’roll. The song sells 25 million records, 4th biggest of all time.
In the UK, where it’s the biggest-selling single of the 50s, the group is hugely popular. In 1969 NYC, after a Madison Square Garden concert the group gets an 8-1/2 minute standing ovation. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
In the 1970s the song is heard in George Lucas film American Graffiti; in 1974 it becomes the theme song for very popular TV sitcom Happy Days.
▷Gibson: Riots, Rebellion and Rock▹ ▷Songfacts▹  ( Fansite ▷@ Cracked▹ 1972 performance  Rock This Joint (sound familiar?) 


Dick Clark debuts as host of American Bandstand on Philadelphia TV station WFIL.
Bandstand first airs on the ABC network on Monday, 5 August 1957. First song played? Whole Lotta Shaking Goin’ On.
The most popular daytime show, it’s seen by 8 million daily.
30-year Special (1982)  ▷50s Web:Bandstand▹


Release of sci-fi film Tron, with early-PC-era CGI from Disney. (*)
Some of the graphics are rendered on the ‘Foonly’ F-1 computer (the fastest PDP-10 ever built). In 1997 the film wins a belated Academy Award for Technical Achievement for the visual effect called Perlin noise.(*)
’82 scene (8m)  Lightbike scene 
The soundtrack music is made by electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos on Moog and Crumar GDS synthesizers. ▷Carlos on Tron 8-bit Tron 
A remake, in the offing for years, finally appears in 2010: Tron: Legacy includes the return of Tron veterans Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner.
Making of Tron  ▷TRON Wiki▹