July 29 – Light My Fire, Powder Ridge Rock Fest


Rock band The Doors tune Light My Fire reaches US#1.

It is famously performed on The Ed Sullivan Show on September 17. In 1968, Buick offers the band $$$ to use the song in a car commercial; Morrison says no, threatening to have a Buick smashed with a sledgehammer on a TV show.

In 2001, General Motors offers $15 million to use the tune in a Buick commercial; drummer John Densmore does the right thing and turns them down.
Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1968 (62m) 


30,000 freaks begin to show up for a prohibited music fest in Powder Ridge Ski Area, CT.

The show was cancelled too late to notify ticket-purchasers, who’d paid $20 for the weekend. (30 of 48 shows proposed that year are shut down by local opposition.)

The crowd rocks on anyway; the media goes nuts as if trying to bring festivals to an end. Ya think? ▷Chronos archive▹

Quite a similar thing happens in 2009 in the UK … a licensed festival running since 1994 is shut down.