August 6 – ’26 Don Juan, Help! soundtrack, Small Faces debut


The first movie with sound, Don Juan(*) starring John Barrymore, premieres in NYC. (*)
Sound effects and music, but no dialog (electric microphones are just being invented) is provided by the Warner Brothers’ Vitaphone sound-on-disc system. The film’s soundtrack is not printed on the film but rather provided by 16-inch, 33-1/3 rpm phonograph records.
The first movie with spoken dialog will be 1927’s Jazz Singer; it also uses Vitaphone. A form of sound-on-disk reappears in 1993 for Jurassic Park, which uses DTS sound.
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The Beatles release the UK version of the the soundtrack album for their film Help! in the UK.
Seven of the album’s fourteen tracks are heard in the film. In the US the other seven songs are scattered over several recordings. comic Help 
US film director Richard Lester directs this second Beatles film. He also directed the highly-regarded first film A Hard Day’s Night, as well as 1967’s How I Won the War (with John Lennon in a lead role). Lester is eventually called ‘Father of the Music Video.’ ▷Salon:Lester bio▹


English mod band the Small Faces release their debut single and first chart hit, Whatcha Gonna Do About It (UK#14).
Their other well-known hits: Itchycoo Park (UK#3,US#16) , Lazy Sunday(UK#2) , Tin Soldier (UK#9) and All or Nothing (UK#1) .

Faces Ron Wood, Rod Steward

In 2012, along with the Faces (created after the 1969 breakup — Steve Marriott leaves to form Humble Pie), the group is inducted into the Rock HoF. Plenty of fansites prove the Small Faces’ lasting popularity.
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