August 10 – Mozart #41, Leo Fender, Helen Shapiro, Classical Gas


Mozart completes his last, incredible ‘Jupiter’ Symphony No. 41.

FIVE themes are heard at once in the final movement. Tate:Molto Allegro  Two other symphonies (#39,#40), equally complex, were written in June and July. 32 years old, Mozart has 3 years to live.

Sym #41 (Harnencourt, Vienna) ▷Mozart’s Apartment on the Alsergrund▹ Audio: NPR:The Giant Jupiter (8m)

Birthday of US inventor, instrument-maker Clarence Leonidas Fender.

1952 Telecaster

In 1946 he founds his Fender Musical Instruments Corporation in Fullerton, CA. (The business began as a radio service shop in late 1938.) Instrument amplifiers are among first products sold. He first sells the (Esquire model) of the solid body Fender Telecaster electric guitar in March, 1950.

In 1954 the Fender Stratocaster model is introduced. Both play an important role in the music arising in those times.

Fender sells the company to CBS in 1965. In 1971 he co-founds Music Man; in 1979 he co-founds G&L Musical Instruments.

1959 factory tour   ( Fender Corp. site  ( G&L site



Husky-voiced 14-year-old Helen Shapiro has a UK#1 hit with You Don’t Know.

Walkin’ Back to Happiness also makes UK#1 that year. 1970  Her first 4 singles all make it into the top 3.

In 1962 she stars in early Richard Lester film It’s Trad, Dad!. In 1963 she tours Britain with The Beatles as her supporting act (John and Paul wrote Misery for her). Alas she’s too staid to last.
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30 year-old US guitarist Mason Williams instrumental Classical Gas hits US#2.

At the time, Williams is the head writer for TV show The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour; he had premiered it on the show.

It wins two Grammy awards. It’s now considered one of the most famous guitar works. ▷Songfacts▹ ▷1968 US#1s▹

 ( Williams site  ( Song site  Bio