August 15 – Woodstock, Husker Du, Macarena & the Clave



First day of the legendary Woodstock Music and Art Festival at Max Yasgur‘s 600-acre dairy farm.

…the brown acid that is circulating around us isn’t too good. It is suggested that you stay away from that. Of course it’s your own trip, so be my guest, but…

While hasty fencing resulted in a free concert for the majority, the 3-LP album and Oscar-winning film were very successful. Cavett 
The wave of rock fests — e.g. Sweet Toronto on Sep. 13, which Lennon showed up for  —  was begun by 1967’s Monterey Pop Festival.
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Saint Paul, Minnesota hardcore punk band Husker Du record their first, live album Land Speed Record at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, MN. It’s released in January, 1982. Sep.81 at 7th Street Entry 
Their second studio album Zen Arcade appears on 2 LPs in July, 1984. Virtually unnoticed in the US, destined to be extremely influential, it makes #11 on the punk-oriented UK Indie Chart (born Jan. 19, 1980) but sells only 20,000 copies. Rolling Stone reviewer David Fricke describes it as ‘the closest hardcore will ever get to an opera.’ In 1989 RS rates it #33 of the 80s top-100 albums.
The band manages 4 more studio albums (including a UK Indie #1) but sadly, arguments and drugs rip it apart in 1987. Guitarist, vocalist Bob Mould has continued a high-profile music career.
Turn on the News  Live in SF Mar 1 1985  8 Miles High (1987) 
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Seville, Spain Latin Pop duo Los del Rio releases what VH1 will come to call the ‘#1 greatest one-hit wonder of all time’, international top-5 Macarena.
From the 1994 album A mí me gusta, song tops the US hot-100 chart from Aug. 3 to Nov. 2, becoming the single of the year.
In Aug. 1996 the song, as remixed by the Bayside Boys with English lyrics, pegs the Hot-100 meter for 14 straight weeks. It’s so hot that even Alvin and the Chipmunks come back from the dead to cover it.
It’s clave rhythm (aka hambone) is heard in 1955 song Bo Diddley , in the 1944 The Andrews Sisters hit Rum and Coca-Cola , in 1957 Buddy Holly song Not Fade Away , and many other hits ever since.
Having just one hit hasn’t hurt Los del Rio too badly; they’ve released 8 more albums since.