August 21 – Swing, Orioles, Marvelettes, Alice in Chains


Swing Era: The Benny Goodman Band plays the Palomar Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA.

Audience response to the planned program is lukewarm. Goodman switches to the hot jump tune arrangements he’s been playing on East coast radio broadcasts — a form of jazz called swing music associated with swing dancing — and the audience goes crazy.

Soon the band has taken the top 3 spots on California record charts, Benny Goodman is called the “King of Swing” and the performance marks the official start of the Swing era.

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Baltimore vocal and doo-wop group The Orioles, ‘the first R&B vocal group’, release Deborah Chessler ballad It’s Too Soon To Know, which becomes a US#13, USR&B#1 hit (also a hit for Etta James in 1961).
Another of their hits is 1953’s Crying in the Chapel (USR&B#1,US#11) (also a #15 for Ella Fitzgerald, a US#3 for Elvis). The Orioles join the Rock HoF in 1995.


Tamla Records releases Please Mr. Postman — written by 5 of their songwriters and performed by The Marvelettes — and soon has its first US#1 on its hands.
Much of the US first heard it on the second Beatles album, With The Beatles, released Nov. 22, 1963 ; they’d performed it regularly at The Cavern Club. And The Carpenters took it to US#1 again in Jan. 1975.


Seattle grunge band Alice in Chains release 1st studio album Facelift.
After MTV added 2nd track Man in the Box to regular daytime rotation, the album sold 400,000 copies in six weeks, eventually going double-platinum.