September 9 – Elvis, Johnny and Dorsey, Diana, Imagine, Klaatu, Winplay3


Elvis Presley makes his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show — the TV audience has been estimated at 50 million.

Because of his “wildly gyrating hips” (Elvis was -nervous-), his 3rd appearance was from the waist up.

Rhythm Rangers, back in the day

Same date, a rockabilly trio known as The Rock and Roll Trio including singer-songwriters Johnny and Dorsey Burnette (who grew up in the Memphis projects) appear in the finals of a Ted Mack‘s Original Amateur Hour in Madison Square Garden. It earns them a contract with Coral Records.

My brother Dorsey and I first got to know Elvis Presley when he went to Humes High and we went to the Catholic High… Elvis would tote his guitar on his back when he rode past on his motor-cycle on his way to school. He would see us and always wave.

The Burnette brothers were to generate five top-40 singles, including Dreamin’ (1960, US#11,UK#5) and You’re Sixteen (1960, US#8,UK#3). Johnny appears on Liberty Records, Dorsey on Era and Dot. They also write songs for Ricky Nelson.

They’re seen in in Alan Freed’s Dec. 7 1956 movie Rock, Rock, Rock, as are Chuck Berry, LaVern Baker, Teddy Randazzo, the Moonglows, the Flamingos, and the Teenagers. 30 year-old Johnny is killed in a boat accident in 1964. Dorsey drifts back into writing Country music, releasing 9 more albums.
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Canadian singer/songwriter Paul Anka‘s long chart-topping career (33 top 40’s by 1983) starts with the smash hit Diana (US#2,CA,AU,UK#1 for 9 weeks). He is 16 years old.

The song pushes to the top -partly- because suggestive lyrics got tongues wagging — not to mention the long … explosive … climb of the melody. Absolutely brilliant!

I’m so young and you’re so old
This, my darling, I’ve been told
I don’t care just what they say
‘Cause forever I will pray
You and I will be as free
As the birds up in the trees
Oh… please… stay by me, Diana

In 1967 Anka hears a French song for which he acquires a license and writes the English words for My Way; in 1969 it spends 75 weeks in the UK top-40. He will write the theme music for the Johnny Carson show (Toot Sweet), Tom Jones hit She’s a Lady, sings 1975 US#7 hit Times of Your Life . In 1993 he joins the Songwriters HoF.
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Former Beatle John Lennon releases his album Imagine. One of his most popular, it becomes an international hit (US,UK,AU,IT,ZA#1).

The lead track becomes his signature song, reaching US#3, CA#1 — wins a Grammy — and in 2004 is named #3 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 of All Time. ( EMI site )

Toronto, Canada prog band Klaatu releases its most famous single Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft on first album 3:47 EST. ▷Website ▹
Release of the first real-time software MP3 player, Winplay3, by the Fraunhofer IIS.

Before it, audio compressed with MP3 had to be decompressed prior to listening. A digital music revolution begins.