September 12 – Journey to Shostakovich


Birthday of Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich, born in St. Petersburg.

His music will reflect the difficult and tragic period he lives through, as well as the pressures of both Soviet culture czars and other composers. During the Great Purge in 1936, many of his friends and relatives are imprisoned or killed. In 1948 along with others, including Prokofiev, he’s denounced for formalism; most of his works are banned by the state.

Despite all that his humanity shines through. Sym.#5, 4th movement


Kilby was here

Jack St. Clair Kilby demonstrates the first integrated circuit to his colleagues at Texass Instruments. (*)

Today’s IC’s include FM & Video transmitters & whole computers. Almost any device can be built … all on one chip. Needless to say, they made possible all iPods, iPads, inexpensive synths and music computers.


Swan 4152 (US)

The Beatles have a second UK#1 (*) with She Loves You.

It spends 4 weeks at UK#1, repeating in Nov. for 2 more weeks. It remains the Fabs best-selling UK single.

It also attracts the first Beatles attention in the US, where it goes US#1 on Mar. 21, 1964. From Me to You, the first UK#1, never climbed higher than US#116. With the next hit, Nov. 29’s I Want to Hold Your Hand, all hell breaks loose worldwide.

See also: 60s UK#1s, 63 US#1s

Early Beatles color footage (Pathe)

Launch of musical TV sitcom The Monkees, featuring members of the band trying to make it as rock singers in Malibu, California.A lot of light-headed fun and good music, it lasts thru Mar. 1968. An MTV Monkees marathon on Feb. 23, 1986 leads to the 58 episodes are revived and widely re-aired.
Theme  Believer 


San Francisco arena rock band Journey‘s seventh studio album Escape climbs to US#1.

Three of its tracks reach the US top-10; for the first and only time a Journey track, Don’t Stop Believin’, charts in the UK. (It’s also a top-selling iTunes track.)

The band was concocted from members of Santana eight years earlier in San Francisco. It has released 14 studio albums since 1975 – the most recent, Eclipse, in 2011.