September 13 – Spector, Toronto Revival, Hard Rain, Amebix


Pop single To Know Him Is To Love Him by the Teddy Bears enters the US top 10 for 11 weeks.

By itself, that might be completely forgotten. But: the song (about his father) is written and arranged by 18-year-old band member Phil Spector, soon to be a superstar producer.


Toronto Rock and Roll Revival is a one-day event which features a fistful of colorful figures from the 50s & 60s.

Yes it is

Headlined by the Plastic Ono Band, it even includes The Doors and Screaming Lord Sutch. It’s best known today as a result of D. A. Pennebaker film Sweet Toronto.


Bob Dylan
releases a live album from the Rolling Thunder Revue called Hard Rain, among his best (UK#3, his most popular there; US#17).See also: Bob Dylan discography

English grandfathers of crust punk band Amebix (formed in 1978) release their first studio album Arise! on the Alternative Tentacles label.

On Sep 23, 2011 Amebix releases third and final album Sonic Mass. ( Website ) Beyond the Sun Sonic Mass


US rock band Counting Crows releases its first commercial album, August and Everything After.

It is destined for US#4, UK#16 and to become their best-selling (but not highest-charting) album.