September 17 – Who blowup, Fourplay, Ladytron


The Who appear on CBS-TV’s The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour to perform My Generation.

Part of the band’s shtick at the time is to destroy their gear at the end. Drummer Keith Moon‘s drum is rigged to explode at the end of the performance — but with way too much powder. His arm is cut, and singer Pete Townshend‘s hearing is damaged. (*)


Release of US jazz group Fourplay‘s debut album (USJazz#1)

It tops the contemporary jazz charts for an unprecedented 33 weeks. Two following albums Between the Sheets(1993) and Elixir(1995) also top the charts (Elixer is on the charts for 90 weeks).

Fourplay guitarist Lee Ritenour was part of 1985 jazz album Harlequin (USJazz#2) by American composer, arranger and pianist Dave Grusin. It won a 1986 Grammy for best instrumental arrangement (and 3 more nominations).

Ritenour has played on thousands of sessions and charted over 30 jazz hits since 1976.

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Release of second studio album Light & Magic by Liverpool electronic band Ladytron.

It makes US Dance top-10 (and is included in Rolling Stones’ 50 top albums of 2002). Seventeen (*) So do the band’s next 3 albums, including 2011’s Gravity the Seducer.

The band’s name comes from the song by Roxy Music. All 4 bandmembers are synth players.

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