September 20 – Jane’s Addiction


LA alt-rock band Jane’s Addiction releases their first, eponymous, live album on Triple X Records(*). Jane Says 

They release first studio album Nothing’s Shocking in 1988 – and a second, Ritual de lo habitual in 1990 (US#19), which Christgau brands a turkey. Caught Stealing 

Never charting outside the US, the band breaks up over drugs in 1991. Both albums eventually go platinum. In 1992 Farrell and Avery form Porno for Pyros, which sputters along until 1998. (*) Jane’s reunion tours happen in 1997 and 2001.

They reunite long enough for 2003 third album Strays which charts as ‘Modern Rock’ (US#4,CA#4 (*)) and which finally earns them grudging respect from Rolling Stone for more than ‘lyrical observations of seedy Hollywood bohemia’. No singles get remotely near the mainstream top-40.

New album The Great Escape Artist is scheduled for Oct. 2011.

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Frontman Perry Farrell is known for creating the Lollapalooza touring festival, which started July 18, 1991.  ( Website