September 22 – Dylan, Who, Numan, FarmAid, Nelly


Bob Dylan appears for the second time at Carnegie Hall as part of Sing Out!, an all-star hootenanny organized by Pete Seeger. (*)(*)

His three-song set includes the premiere of A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall.

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Brit rock band The Who kick off their Scandinavian tour; singer Roger Daltrey punches drummer Keith Moon and is nearly tossed off, uh, out of the band.

The group have their first hit in January with I Can’t Explain.

December sees the UK release of first album My Generation.

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21-year-old English singer, composer, electronic music pioneer and ‘King of synthpop’ Gary Numan (previously ) gets a UK#1 (US#9) single with Cars.

It comes from UK#1 (US#16) album Pleasure Principle, made without a guitar, with synthetic percussion, Minimoog and Polymoog synths, and many effects like flanging and phasing.

‘Cars’ with NIN, London 2009  Metal  Synth Britannia:Numan 
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The first Farm Aid concert in Illinois – organized by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young – raises $10 million for America’s beleaguered farmers.

At the time, mortgage debts were causing hundreds to lose their farms. Congress responded 2 years later with the Agricultural Credit Act of 1987.  ( FarmAid site


US rapper Nelly (Cornell Haynes) has the US#1 – Suit– and 2 –Sweat– albums on the charts at the same time. (UK#8 and 11)

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