September 29 – The Planets and Sharevari


Premiere, invitation-only performance of The Planets – an orchestral suite by English composer Gustav Holst.

Holst liked to cast his friends’ horoscopes for fun. Each of the work’s seven movements, named for a planet, reflects the astrological character of that planet. Levine:Mars 

Like modern science, it doesn’t regard Pluto as a planet. (Well, ok, Pluto hadn’t been discovered yet).

The continuing popularity of the work inspires an excellent 1976 interpretation by Japanese electronic music pioneer Isao Tomita Mars  who has produced over 20 delightful albums beginning in 1974 with Snowflakes Are Dancing.  ( Website

Mars appears in an arrangement on the 1985 Emerson, Lake & Powell album, in a live version by King Crimson in 1969 , and on and on.

See also: The Planets discography, 1983 documentary


WGPR channel 62 Detroit goes on the air, the first wholly African American-owned TV station in the US.

▷First techno record?▹ 1982 ‘The Scene’ video  The Scene  Sharevari