October 2 – The Kinks, Soul Train


English rock band The Kinks, one of the era’s most important and influential rock acts, release their first, eponymous album in the UK.

It features their first international hit, You Really Got Me (*) – one of the first rock songs to use a distorted-chord riff.

It was an era when teens were taking control of their own music. Songwriter Ray Davies was 20, guitarist Dave Davies – who, the story goes, used mom’s knitting needles to make his amp produce fuzz – was 17 at the time. Jimmy Page plays rhythm guitar on a few of the tracks. Not this one. The song was Van Halen‘s first single in 1978.

The Kinks released 25 albums before wrapping it up in 1996; the US resisted most of them, but put 8 singles into the top-40.

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Syndication debut of TV musical variety show Soul Train.

It was preceded by 1965 Chicago WCIU-TV ( UHF-26) airings of pre-teen dance show Kiddie-a-Go-Go and Red Hot and Blues. First airing live on Aug. 17 1970, it was created by station employee Don Cornelius, formerly a DJ on Chicago’s WVON radio. When it’s syndicated, it (like Motown) moves to Los Angeles (but also continues as a local show in Chicago). Cornelius hosts the show until June 1993.

In 1995 it wins a Daytime Emmey for Outstanding Lighting Direction. Soul Trains ends after 1100 episodes — 35 years — in 2006. From the look of Youtube, all of those episodes are out there somewhere!

▷At TV.com▹ Line dance  Docu (10m)  The Hippest Trip (9 parts) 

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