October 3 – Victor Talking Machine Co.


After creating a superior method for duplicating sound recordings, machinist Eldridge R. Johnson, inventor Leon Douglass(*) and possibly gramophone record inventor Emile Berliner incorporate the Victor Talking Machine Company in Camden, NJ..

Victor, Edison Records and Columbia Records will come to dominate the recording market. Victor even comes up with a $10 player. They have invented mass media.

Rights to the dog image are acquired from Emile Berliner, who continues as owner of Berliner Gramophone. Victor acquires BG in 1924; in 1929 Victor is acquired by RCA.

Billy Joel’s 52nd Street, the first mass-market CD

The disc phonograph record soon defeats the phonograph cylinder, and remains the king of recorded media until …

Oct. 1, 1982, when Sony begins selling the first mass-market CD player, the CDP-101 compact disc player. The first consumer digital audio format plays up to 80 minutes – 40 minutes longer than most LP albums … without any wear.

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