“Full stack music”, changes may benefit all

Full Stack Music article by the co-founder of Sidekick explores the integration that may happen in years to come.

At present, there are three distinct music industries: radio, on-demand music, and concert ticketing. However, we are starting to enter a new phase…
These industries have been loosely coupled in the past….
Only 20 percent of Americans attended a concert in the last year, and the biggest reason for not going is that they didn’t know when shows for their favorite act were happening…. Over the next few years …streaming services will increasingly make it seamless for fans using their services to see when the artist has a local show…. After the show, the set list will immediately be available on your streaming service of choice….

Zoe Keating:
“I want my data and in 2012 I see absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t own it…. The new model says that in the future I’m not supposed to sell music: I’m supposed to sell concert tickets and t-shirts. Ok fine, so put me in touch with the people who will buy concert tickets and t-shirts.”