October 6 – Jazz Singer, Gathering Tribes, Modulations


Premiere of filmThe Jazz Singer, starring US singer, comedian Al Jolson, at the Warners’ Theatre on Broadway in NYC. (*)

It’s the first widely-screened feature-length ‘talkie’ (movie with spoken dialogue sequences) thanks to the Vitaphone sound-on-disc (33-1/3 rpm phonograph record) system.

The $422,000 movie, adapted from a 1925 musical stage play, includes six Jolson tunes. Audiences are more than delighted. Tootsie  Mammy 

On July 28, 1928, Warners follows up with the first all-talking feature, Lights of New York… with 3 songs. Sound arrives fast; by 1929, there were only 38 silents in 290 film releases! End of an era (5 parts) 

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23 years to the day after the Death of Hippie, a music festival called A Gathering of the Tribes is held at two locations in southern California.

The Lollapalooza precursor raises money for and awareness of Native American causes. It’s organized by The Cult‘s Ian Astbury with experienced benefit concert promoter Bill Graham (who would die in a copter crash the following year).

The phrase Gathering of the Tribes was earlier associated with a famous Jan. 14, 1967 Human Be-In at Golden Gate Park‘s Polo Grounds. While it too was a benefit (for those who attended) there was no admission charge.  ~ Hippies 

 EM films 

Release of documentary filmModulations: Cinema for the Ear.

The well-made film traces the evolution of (modern, popular) electronic music. A tie-in book ‘Modulations’ is published in 2000. Film 

Another, fictional indie film released in 2000,Groove, portrays a night in the San Francisco rave scene.

And a 2006 video doc,High Tech Soul, looks at the birth of techno in Detroit with interviews of many of the genre’s now-famous creators. Decent, if you overlook the swagger. .

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