October 25 – Swing dance, Stones, Tull, Rolling Thunder

1938Too Bad for Hitler

A Catholic archbishop in Iowa (!) denounces jazzy swing music as “a degenerated musical system… turned loose to gnaw away at the moral fiber of young people”.

Swing is popular from 1935-1945 along with ‘wild’ swing dancing.

Interestingly Swing was known as ‘degenerate art’ to foreign Nazis in Hitler Germany where the Hitler Youth closely observed the Swing Kids. 300 were arrested in 1941. The 1993 film Swing Kids explores the era.

Attacks on pop music continued through the 1960s – and beyond (*) – often likewise, motivated by racism, and otherwise by those people who fear anything new.


Stones, 1964

British invasion rockers The Rolling Stones make the first of six appearances on CBS TV’s The Ed Sullivan Show.

They sing Chuck Berry‘s Around and Around and Time Is on My Side.


Unique (rock bands with flute-players are fairly scarce) British group Jethro Tull releases its first album This Was, recorded for only £1200.

It reaches UK#10. Beggar’s Farm  Tull’s been playing ever since: A Billion Hands Concert was held on December 5, 2008! The band has sold 60 million albums worldwide.


Yep, that’s whiteface

Rocker Bob Dylan‘s Rolling Thunder Revue tour hits the road.

In two legs (the first a success), it (and Scarlet Rivera‘s fine gypsy fiddling) lasts ’til May 25, 1976. As a souvenir of the tour, the great live album Hard Rain (US#14, UK#3) is released in September. Coffee  Coffee (tour) Hard Rain  Idiot Wind