November 1 – American Beauty, Leatherette, M.I.A.


Brits begin paying a yearly license fee (10 shillings per year … at the Post Office) to listen to radio broadcasts from (private) British Broadcasting Company WITHOUT ADVERTISING. What a bargain!

The main source of its income is selling radio sets. On Jan. 1, 1927 it’s nationalized (goes public) and becomes the British Broadcasting Corporation. ▷Weird and Wonderful World of British Broadcasting▹

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Eclectic San Fran psychedelic improv and jam-band the Grateful Dead release their fifth album American Beauty — the first of three albums to (eventually) go double platinum (in 2001). Truckin (live)  Box of Rain 

The far-flung influence of the Dead is belied by their lack of chart success; they are among the first bands to establish a large, widespread, loyal fan base, known as known as Deadheads.

“For many Deadheads, the band was a medium that facilitated experiencing other planes of consciousness.”
 WikiBook:Grateful Dead


UK indy, experimental music label Mute Records releases its first single, electropunk Warm Leatherette/T.V.O.D. by The Normal.

It sells 30,000 copies. The group formed after Mute founder Dan Miller got himself a cheap miniKorg 700S synth.

Mute becomes a home for many name bands like Einsturzende Neubauten, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, Wire, Depeche Mode and Erasure. Miller also records as Silicon Teens.

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Brit songwriter, vocalist M.I.A. (Mathangi ‘Maya’ Arulpragasam) re-releases Galang (dancehall, Grime, Electro) on XL Records, written on a Roland MC-505 groovebox (sequencer, synth, drum machine).


Its original 2003 release of 500 white label vinyl copies stirred limited interest but was widely file-traded online. Her debut album Arular was released in 2005 Hombre ; in 2010 third album Maya‘s released; like the 2nd album it makes the climb to US Dance#1. XXXO