November 4 – See Clearly Now, Bloody Valentine


US pop-reggae singer/songwriter Johnny Nash makes US#1 (UK#5) with I Can See Clearly Now.

A second, top-20 (&major UK) hit from the July Clearly album, Stir It Up, is written for Nash by Bob Marley. It features members of The Wailers for backup.

Clearly‘s one of the earliest reggae hits, having been preceded by Desmond Dekker‘s October 1968 Israelites (the first UK reggae #1, US#9) and Millie Small‘s 1964 ska cover of My Boy Lollipop (UK#2, US#2).

Among dozens of covers, US singer Jimmy Cliff (a 2010 Hall of Fame inductee) gets a 1993 hit with his amazing cover, which is heard in the funny 1993 film Cool Runnings about a Jamaican bobsled team!

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Dublin, Ireland shoegaze band My Bloody Valentine releases second album Loveless.

After two painstaking years in the studio and nearly bankrupting their label Creation in the process, the group emerged with their masterpiece, which fulfilled all of the promise of their previous albums. – Allmusic

Take lead track ‘Only Shallow’ for example. The album, and very very loud band, remains almost loveless in the charts (UK#24) and at the label (which dropped MBV) – but don’t tell fans, or critics, that.
Thill:Open Love Letter

Loveless is the outermost, innermost, uttermost rock record of 1991.- Simon Reynolds

Oh? OK, Simon, nevermind.

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