November 11 – Remote recording pioneers, Mellon Collie


 Remote recording pioneers 

In London, former RAF officers Lionel Guest and Horace Owen Merriman (Canadian) (*) park a truck outside Westminster Abbey and, using a moving-coil recording head (UK patent#141790) and four carbon microphones (*), record part of the burial service for The Unknown Warrior. (*)

The pair sells disks of the recording for 37p — making it the first electrical recording ever sold. It’s actually marketed as a double-sided 12-inch disk by the UK’s Columbia Graphophone Company.

By 1924 Chicago electrical engineer Orlando Rivenius Marsh, owner of Marsh Labs,(*) is selling the first US electrical disks on his Autograph Records label. The eventual (expensive) standard, the Western Electric recording process, is developed in 1919 by Joseph P. Maxfield and Henry C. Harrison at Bell Labs.
Electrical recording timeline

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