November 16 – Fleetwoods, Lennon’s only solo #1


In the peak of the doo-wop years, teenaged Olympia,WA pop trio The Fleetwoods(*) enjoy a second US#1 hit with Mr. Blue.

The group’s original, very logical name was ‘Two Girls and a Guy’. The title of their first #1, Come Softly to Me, was originally just ‘Come Softly’. (It’s the first release of Dolton Records.) They’re one of the main reasons rock -finally- arrives in the Pacific Northwest region — a tiny bit less-adventurous neck of the woods. (The Wailers and The Kingsmen soon fix that.)

When Troxel is inducted into the Navy in 1959, that’s it for the big hits. A 1961 cover of Tragedy makes US#10; 1961’s (He’s) The Great Imposter makes US#30. All are heard in many films. In all they land nine top-40s. In 2006 the band is inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.

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John Lennon scores his only solo US#1, Whatever Gets You Through the Night.

It was co-released on Sep. 26 with his fifth (of 8) solo studio album, Walls and Bridges, which reaches US,CA#1, UK#6.

The second single from the album, #9 Dream, includes May Pang vocals. It’s well covered by both US band R.E.M. and Norway’s a-ha for the Make Some Noise album in 2007.