November 17 – Schubert, The Fall, Best-selling soundtrack


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First performance of Franz Schubert‘s last instrumental work, the C Major String Quintet, in Vienna.

Written in Ronsperg (at his brother Ferdinand’s home) in the summer of 1828, it had been offered to a publisher on Oct. 2. But Schubert dies in November (he was 35) and it is not published until the 1880s. After his death, much of his work sat waiting for decades, much of it rescued by other composers who understood its importance.

Today the Quintet is regarded as a high point in the entire chamber music repertoire. It’s catalogued as Deutsch #956 in 1951. A performance takes about 45 minutes. Unusually it includes two cellos instead of two violas. Among many who thought it one of the greatest works of music are philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and pianist Artur Rubinstein.

The art of music here entombed a rich possession, but even far fairer hopes. — Franz Grillparzer
… the period in which Franz Schubert wrote his Winterreise, the C-major Symphony, his last three piano sonatas, the C-major Quintet … the standard of inspiration, of magic, is miraculous and past all explanation. — Benjamin Britten, 1964

▷full scores at IMSLP▹ Zagreb Int’l, 2008 (4 parts)


English post-punk band The Fall releases 3rd studio album Grotesque.
Their first release was Aug. 11, 1978 EP Bingo-Master’s Break-Out!. Early albums made the UK Indie charts, ending with Dec. 5, 1983’s Perverted by Language. Totally Wired . At the time the band’s highly-regarded by BBC disc jockey John Peel. Since then the band has survived on a strong fanbase. With Nov. 14, 2011’s album Ersatz GB, the ‘band’ (its only constant member is Mark E. Smith) has released 29 studio albums. Nate Will Not Return 
 ( Fansite


Release of the world’s best-selling soundtrack album for the Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston romantic-thriller movie The Bodyguard.
The album is co-executive produced by Houston and Clive Davis. Its first track is a cover of Dolly Parton‘s I Will Always Love You. Certified 17× Platinum, to date it has sold over 45M copies worldwide.

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