November 19 – Endtroducing DJ Shadow


24-yr-old DJ Shadow introduces a stone classic, all-samples trip-hop vinyl Lionel called Endtroducing… stamped by Mo Wax.

Akai MPC60

Just as remarkable: the whole 63-minute album is pieced together sample-by-sample, from an extensive hand-picked vinyl collection, on a lowly Akai MPC60 drum machine with 1.5MB of RAM. It so uppity-ups the game.

Just as one example of how deep the man digs: Track 7, Stem, begins with a sample from the ‘Love Suite’ (track 9) of inspired UK baroque rock duo Nirvana‘s May 1970 album To Markos III (only 250 copies pressed, a serious let-down by Island Records).  ( Nirvana UK site(*)

Stem becomes Shadow’s first top-10 hit when it reaches #9 on the Ireland singles chart. In 2002 he manages a US Hot Dance#1 in his EM-disabled home market with Six Days from second album The Private Press (UK#8, US#44).

Samples used in Endtroducing: Disc 1 Disc 2  ( DJ Shadow site Midnight in a Perfect World