November 24 – Faure’s Pavane, Rutles

Debut of the delightful, wistful Pavane, Op. 50 by French composer Gabriel Faure at a Paris Concerts Lamoureux.

A ‘Pavane‘ is a slow processional Spanish court dance of the Renaissance. Faure’s piano original is often performed at a slower tempo than he intended.

Another famous modern pavane is the 1910 (orchestration) ‘Pavane for a Dead Princess‘ by Maurice Ravel. Both create haunting, archaic moods. Faure-Barenboim  Ravel-Ozawa 

The very first song by Beatles parody group The Rutles, I Must Be In Love, is filmed in Buckinghamshire for the film A Hard Day’s Rut. Live  Record 

The UK saw it in 1976 on Rutland Weekend Television, the US on SNL on October 2, 1976, and the game was afoot.

The group released an album in 1978, a video, as well as a raging cascade of miscellaneous merch. Members included Nasty, Stig, Dirk, Barry, and Leppo.

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