November – More music history #2

Audio Fidelity Records (Sidney Frey, founder and president) releases the first commercial stereophonic record as a free demo (called Stereodisc Demonstration Record).
Side 1 of the rare vinyl is the Dukes of Dixieland from AFLP-1851;
Side 2 is “RAILROAD SOUNDS STEAM AND DIESEL” from AFLP-1843 (Demos with jets, race cars and locomotives are popular with stereo salesmen.)
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 ~ A/V Tech Timeline  
The San Fernando Valley experimental psych band Electric Prunes release single I Had Too Much to Dream; their biggest hit climbs to US#11.
It opens with a shimmering, reversed electric guitar sound — made with a Bigsby vibrato — and an autoharp. It’s the lead track of their April, 1967 debut album. Aint It Hard (67) 
They become better known when their track Kyrie Eleison (perfectly) appears in the soundtrack of July 14, 1969 film Easy Rider … the $0.3M film that makes $41M. But it’s Dream that appears in countless Nuggets-like compilations for decades, covered by bands like Naz Nomad and the Nightmares and Prince Vlad & the Gargoyle Impalers.  ( Website

London’s Electronic Music Studios, established by Peter Zinovieff, begins selling their first synth, the EMS VCS3,(*) England’s answer to the Moog.
The tidy little units, economically made, sell for £330. A clever push-pin ‘matrix board’ eliminates patch cords. Any output can be routed to any input (including oscillators!); settable octave-span means easy alternative scales.
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UK progressive rock group Curved Air releases the first vinyl picture disk, album Airconditioning. ▷Discogs ▹
At the time imported records are becoming fashionable. It’s pressed by Metronome Records of Germany with a mandala on side one backed by a ‘dynamo’ image, in an edition limited to 10,000.


Elektra Records releases twenty-seven-track double LP compilation album Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968.
The collection of US garage rock singles compiled by Lenny Kaye becomes a major influence on punk rock bands. (*) It leads to a whole series of ‘Nuggets’ albums released by Rhino in the 80s. Humane Society/Knock, Knock 

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