November 29 – Oh Johnny, Grammy TV, Two Virgins, Springsteen 5


Anna Held

Opening at the Casino Theatre (*) on Broadway of Anna Held‘s (*) (*) last musical stage show, Follow Me.

It gets 78 performances before closing Feb. 3, 1917. It’s produced by the Shubert Brothers, which makes Held’s former husband Florenz Ziegfeld furious. It tours for a year afterward.

The show might have been completely forgotten, except that co-star Henry Lewis eventually introduces Ed Rose (1875-1935, lyrics) and Abe Olman song Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! into the show. The song reportedly sells 1.5 million recordings; it definitely becomes a top-selling US song again during WW2 — remaining popular enough to be heard in 2005 film The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Andrews Sisters cover 


The first taped Grammy Awards special is telecast on NBC as an episode of anthology series Sunday Showcase.

While the 1st Grammy Awards had been given by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences on May 4 that year, not until 1971 are the Awards televised live for the first time by ABC from LA’s Hollywood Palladium.  ( NARAS site


John Lennon & Yoko Ono (Lennono) release their 1st experimental, noise album Two Virgins in the UK.

The nude cover, needless to say, was great for PR. Only 5000 UK copies are pressed (by EMI by gad) but the album gets to #124 in the US after release by Tetragrammaton Records.

In his (1986, posthumous) autobiography Skywriting by Word of Mouth ▷excerpt▹, Lennon wrote:

Two Virgins, our first LP, in which the sight of two slightly overweight ex-junkies in the nude gave John and Yoko a damned good laugh and apoplexy to the Philistines of the so-called civilized world! Including those famous avant-garde revolutionary thinkers, Paul, George and It’s Only Ringo.

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US singer, songwriter Bruce Springsteen and band put a 40-track set of live performances on five records into the US#1 slot for the first time.

It’s the second-best-selling US live album (the industry counts each disk sold)(topped only by Garth Brooks Double Live).
Fire  I’m on Fire