December 5 – Stones-Let It Bleed, Black Flag-Damaged, Axel F


Brit rockers The Rolling Stones release album Let It Bleed.

Headed for US#3, UK#1 slots, it continues the pattern of hit-and-miss greatness of each of their early albums. Some call it one of their 4 greatest albums, along with Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main St..

A certain weariness of the 60s can be heard in Gimme Shelter, and I can’t help feeling the melancholic side of Brian Jones — this is his last album and he is killed before its release — in You Can’t Always Get What You Want, with its sorrowful Al Kooper horn.


L.A. punk rock band Black Flag, recently hooked up with Henry Rollins, finally manages to get out a first album, Damaged.

Guitarist Greg Ginn had started SST Records in 1978.  ( SST site Rollins’ 1994 memoir Get in the Van chronicles the band’s history.
Six Pack  Rise Above 
 ( Rollins site  High heels  ( Fansite


Release of the first Beverly Hills Cop film comedy, the year’s biggest film.

Comic Eddie Murphy plays Axel Foley, a Detroit cop in Beverly Hills, CA to investigate his friend’s death.

Axel Foley: Gimme the key! I’m gonna follow ’em!
Jenny Summers: Have you ever driven a Mercedes before?

The $15million film grosses over $300M, so Murphy ‘neutron dances’ into two sequels.

A Grammy-winning soundtrack includes hot electronic tracks like the Pointer Sisters high energy US#6 Neutron Dance ▷Songfacts▹ (*) and Harold Faltermeyer‘s US#3 electronic instrumental Axel F. It’s entirely created with 4 synths and a LinnDrum Original  UK#1 Crazy Frog version  (37 million views?!)