December 8 – Satanic Majesties, PIL, Lennon


Brit rockers The Rolling Stones release album Their Satanic Majesties Request.

The experimental, self-produced album quickly rises to UK#3, US#2 then is forgotten. Initial releases include a three-dimensional lenticular image of the band, later replaced with a photo.

Provocative title, gimmicky (fun) packaging, — but the music takes a lot of chances, resulting in some memorable, even eerie tracks that fit right in with Blue Jay Way, Mellow Yellow, and 8 Miles High. No one gets the feeling they’ve been cheated.
She’s A Rainbow  2000 Light Years 


John Lydon‘s post-punk group Public Image Limited‘s first album, First Issue, is released in the UK.

Never released in the US, it rises to UK#22 and earns an A- from rock critic Robert Christgau. The group releases 8 albums by 1992; for sure 1986’s Album (UK#14) rewards repeated listening.

In PIL’s innovative musicality Lydon Rise s above the sad joke called The Pistols… not so ‘Rotten’ after all.

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John Lennon autographs a fan’s album, then sails away
Upon the seventh seasick day we made our port of call
A sand so white, and sea so blue, no mortal place at all
We fired the gun, and burnt the mast, and rowed from ship to shore
The captain cried, we sailors wept: our tears were tears of joy
Procol Harum