December 10 – Folksong Festival, Dead play Fillmore, Sinclair rally

Winnepeg, Canada native Oscar Brand debuts the long-lasting Folksong Festival show on NYC’s WNYC radio.
It becomes the longest-running radio show with the same host. Dozens of major talents are first heard on the show; for example The Weavers gain recognition when they appear on the show on Jan. 2, 1949.
Brand, who celebrates his 90th birthday in 2010, has composed over 300 songs, released over 100 albums. The show’s still airing!
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Originally The Warlocks, improv psych rockers Grateful Dead play their first big-venue concert in Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco.
It’s a lot bigger than the Magoo’s Pizza show they played on May 5, 1965.

If you’re
not a head,
There was a synchronicity between the Dead and the crowd, and it was mesmerizing to watch Jerry, in his own understated way, steering that ship…. They created this following that grew and grew, and they did it without compromising themselves. They survived in a world where survival didn’t seem possible.

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Warlocks ‘Mind Bender’ 1965  Jan. 66 ‘Acid Test’ track   ~ SFMuseum 60s rock timeline 


A John Sinclair Freedom Rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Crisler Arena includes John Lennon, Alan Ginsberg, Stevie Wonder.(*)

US poet Sinclair managed Detroit band MC5 from 1966-69. In 1969 he was given a 10-year prison sentence for giving two joints to a narc. The sentence was protested by Abbie Hoffman at Woodstock.

Three days after the rally, the Michigan Supremes declare the state’s marijuana laws unconstitutional. Sinclair is released.
Ten for Two-Part 1 (55 min)  Part 2 (22 min)